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ReVive for Men - Massages

30 min - $55    60 min - $75 and up   90 min - $120

Choose from:  Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Hot Stone, or Swedish

Revive Scrub and Rub - This treatment is Heaven! Includes a 60 min hot stone massage, a warm honey application,  reflexology & a body polish ( scrub).

Deep Tissue - Ready, Set, ReVive! Designed with athletes in mind, our Deep Tissue Massage  helps flush lactic acid, aids lymphatic drainage and tackles sore muscles to reduce pain and fatigue.

Lymphatic- helps with inflammation to remove toxins from your body's lymph system.

Swedish- a massage where relaxing strokes are used to rejuvenate your muscles.

Hot Stone- Warm lava rocks are combined with swedish strokes for ultimate relaxation.


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