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Brazilian Wax Bar -  Men & Women Waxing


Body Waxing Sugaring


Brazilian(Women Only)





Tweener(Women Only)


Bikini Full

$45 $55

Bikini Line

$35 $40

Full Arms

$55 $65

Half Arms

$35 $50

Under Arms

$15 $17


$10 $12

Legs Upper

$45 $55

Legs Lower

$55 $60

Legs Full

$85 $115


$10 $12

Chest Strip 

$17 $20

Chest Full

$35 $45

Stomach Strip

$25 $35

Stomach Full

$45 $65

Back Lower

$45 $50

Back Upper

$45 $50

Back Mid

$25 $35

Back Full

$85 $105



Waxing vs. Sugaring

Aren’t they the same? Often put in the same category of hair removal because they’re somewhat similar in the way they rid hair, yes ripping it out from the root. 
But very different from one another when it comes to one aspect extremely important- PAIN! Discover why even the people that cringe at the thought of the tiniest bit of discomfort are saying,
“Pour some sugar on me” 




Face Waxing Sugaring








$9 $11




$15 $15


$9 $10


$10 $12


$10 $12

Side Burns

$10 $12

Full Face

$50 $55


Sugaring doesn’t attach to live skin cells. Sugaring will only take away dead skin cells, unlike waxing which also removes live skin cells. If you’re skin isn’t already over-exfoliated (using glycolic, Retin A or peels) you don’t have to worry about the sugar accidentally removing skin. 
Less strain, less pain. Wax is applied with the direction of hair growth, but removed against the grain of hair growth. But the traditional sugaring technique using the paste is removed in the same direction hair grows, putting less strain on the skin- always a plus for the pain management department.

How should I prep for a wax?

Pre-Waxing Tips

·         Do not shave or wax for at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your treatment.

·         For Brazilian and bikini waxes, please trim any long hair to minimize discomfort.

·         Female clients may have heightened sensitivity during the week prior to or during menstruation.

·         Limit your caffeine intake the day of your waxing service. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and increases sensitivity.

Before your wax, please do not…

·         Use Retin-A/Renova for at least 30 days.

·         Use Accutane for at least one year.

·         Use peels (glycolic, AHA, etcetera) or dermabrasion on the area for at least 24 hours.

·         Consume excessive amounts of alcohol or sunbathe for at least 48 hours.

·         Use self-tanners, exfoliants or moisturizers the day of the service – they can cause irritations to the sensitive hair follicles that are open after waxing.


What about after I get waxed?

·         Minimize skin irritation by applying aloe vera or hydrocortisone cream to the treated area.

·         You may wash the waxed area, but refrain from using harsh cleansers or creams for 24 – 48 hours.

·         Stay away from hot tubs, hot showers, hot baths, sunbathing and tanning for at least 24 – 48 hours.

·         Prevent ingrown hairs by avoiding exfoliation for 2 – 3 days and then exfoliating the area regularly. Check out our Organic Body Scrub Bar.

·         Avoid shaving in between waxing treatments.


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